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Ages 3-17

Primary Program


The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy believes the Primary years of school are crucial in building a positive approach to life. The extensive curriculum covering these years is designed to quickly develop in creativity, articulate communication and overall confidence. Introductory activities develop spontaneous language work and ad-lib skills, teaching children how to role play, speak in full sentences and be spontaneous. By doing so, young people become better at resolving conflict and handling situations that may come up in their lives. Speech work is always a very important part of the curriculum. Children are trained, in a fun way, how to use their voices effectively as a communication tool.



Exercises include: Projection - training the children how to breathe and use the full power in their young voices. Jaw, lip and tongue exercises are used to develop good articulation. Resonance exercises help with the tone and richness of their voices. Expression exercises bring life and vitality to speech.



Children are taught how to use their bodies as an expressive tool, using music, through mime and creative movement. At the Primary level, children work on improvised performance pieces teaching them how to ad-lib and speak out with confidence and energy. Through the Helen O’Grady method, children are able to take on a character, role-play and make up their own lines in a creative way, and learn how to sustain their language development, allowing multiple sentence flow. At the end of the day this training helps children to become articulate and expressive public speakers.


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