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Welcome to the Helen O' Grady Drama Academy!

If you want your child to join the most popular drama academy in the world, to perform, learn to speak well, learn skills to help them on leaving school, and have great fun, then act now! We guarantee your child will develop excellent social skills they will need in everyday life.

Through our program children will:

■ speak more confidently
■ answer in full sentences
■ improve self-esteem
■ meet new friends
■ act in plays
■ improve listening skills

and much more - all while having a great time at a price which is affordable to all.



It is always good to hear about clubs and groups and it never ceases to amaze me the enthusiasm and dedication everyone gives... most importantly giving their time.

Drama is a great way of expressing oneself and can have so many positive impacts on people's lives. May I take this opportunity of wishing everyone connected with the Academy the best of luck in the future and, on a personal note, thank you all for your support of our club."

Sir Alex Ferguson


Her Royal Highness was pleased to read
of your work in developing children's self confidence and communication skills through drama, not least for those with special educational needs.

The Princess congratulates you on your work and sends you her best wishes for your continued success.“

Captain Nick Wright,
LVO. Royal Navy, Private Secretary to
HRH Princess Royal